Good. Clean. Fun.


Friendly. Inviting. Connected.

We offer a clean, comfortable, modern facility that is always staffed by helpful attendants; we’re not just a laundromat with free wi-fi — you can also receive automatic text alerts when your machine is finished. So hangout with us, or go grab a bite to eat, a coffee, or grocery shop and our machines will let you know when a load is ready.

Any way you slice it, we are a better overall laundromat experience from start to finish.

A Clean Approach to Your Clothes and Our Planet.

We use only the new generation of washers and dryers, which offer unparalleled efficiency combined with improved performance.

Save Water, Reduce Energy.

The old approach of wasting water, electricity, and gas is simply not sustainable–or justifiable when better options exist. We use high-efficiency machines and sustainable practices and materials in everything we do, so you can feel better about your place in the world.

Fragrance-Free, Natural Products.

Save more at Brio by purchasing top-quality, safe, and effective cleaning products. Find detergents, stain sticks, dryer balls and specialty cleaners from brands like Caldrea, Woolzies, Ares, LooHoo, Nikwax, Revivex, Zum and more!

Who Wants Shrinkage? We Do! (When It Comes to Your Time…)

We know your time is valuable, but with only one washer, laundry can take you all day or a weekend. But we can shrink that time to about an hour with our extra large and efficient machines – even less if use our Drop & Dash service and let us do your laundry for you!

Larger Loads.

We have both washers and dryers that hold up to 5 times a normal household-sized machine, meaning you get done with laundry 3 times faster!

Drop & Dash Service.

Still don’t feel like you have time for laundry? Let us do it for you. Drop off and get it back – clean, dry, fluffed and bundled – the next day!

Phone Alerts.

Feel free to run an errand or two while your wash is going, since our high-tech machines will text you when your load is just about finished!

Immediate and Lasting Value.

Say goodbye to quarter-hoarding with the Brio Wash Card! Conveniently reload either online or at the station in Brio Laundry, to save money on every load.