Our Services.

There are so many ways Brio Laundry can help make your life and laundry easier! Have questions about any of the services listed below? Feel free to give us a call, or ask your friendly attendant any time you’re in. If you are looking for a laundromat in your area, you will want to try the Brio experience.

Our services help you save time and save money long-term, so you can always cross laundry off the to-do list.

Washateria, laundromat, launderette, washette — whatever you might call it, we call it fast, friendly laundry service made easy.

Drop & Dash

Dash out the door and leave your laundry in our care. All you have to do is put your freshly laundered linens and wardrobe back in the drawer. We sort, pretreat every piece and wash with our premier bio-safe products, then dry with a plant based fabric freshener. Delicates are washed separately in a mesh bag with delicates — only soap. Folded clothing is wrapped in our recycled paper for easy pickup. Additional finishing for sweaters, shirts, slacks and dresses is also available. Scent and dye free laundering available. Ten pound minimum.

Hand Wash & Hang Dry

Good old-fashioned hand washing with appropriate soap for the fiber. Hang dry. Wool or cotton sweaters, holiday bling (metallic, sequins) or delicate blouses.

Single Item Specialty

Specialty machine wash and steam finish for dress shirts, slacks and blouses.

Dog & Cat Polyfill Beds

Finally, Rover’s bed gets a good cleaning! They are washed in a gentle yet strong deodorizing detergent. Treat attached when returned. (Sorry, we are unable to wash the really big ones.)

Outdoor Gear

We offer custom options to clean your outdoor gear! Tents, Bivvy’s, Sleeping Bags, Gear, Specialty Fabrics hand-washed and hung to dry or cycled through a washer to clean and dry appropriately (includes specialty soap, we will either hang dry or low heat dryer).


Specialty add-ons include:

  • Re-waterproofing treatment
  • Mildew treatment (includes product to kill the mildew, stains are nearly impossible but we can get the bad smell out!)

Brio Market

Laundry Box

Buy our box and get a free soap pod every time you come in with your box of laundry. Every load, every time.

Laundry Sack

Feel the freedom when you cinch up the satchel. A bag for dirty clothes, overnight stuff or to store your down sleeping bag. A million uses but we like it for laundry.

Brio Pre-Paid Wash Card $25, $50, or $100

Brio Wash Cards are pre-paid, reloadable laundry cards. They work on all Washers and Dryers. Reload and use over and over again. Earn 10% bonus for every dollar over $50 added to the card — Nice! Learn more about Brio Wash Card.