The Brio-to-Go dry cleaning pickup and delivery truck with an employee holding a bundle of laundry.

Wash & Fold Service — Now With FREE Pickup & Delivery!

Brio-To-Go’s Wash & Fold Laundry as well as Dry Cleaning services are now offered at NO CHARGE for pick-up and delivery. Not only is it completely contact-free, but we offer options for sanitizing and hot-water wash. You can still save on each service with a Brio Wash Card. And as always, we use only natural, bio-safe soaps, general stain and spot treatment, and solvent-free dry cleaning.

Brio-To-Go FAQ

How does it work?

Just click on the “Schedule Now” Button and you will be taken to our sign-up page. First, give your name, address, and phone number. Then schedule a time for pick up, and receive instructions for how to package up your laundry.

What does each service cost?

Family laundry (socks, undies, jeans, tees, towels) is priced by the pound. The itemized price list is viewable once you create an account and schedule a pickup. A typical garbage bag of laundry weighs about 20 pounds, with items like comforters and blankets priced separately. Also, pickup and delivery is FREE!

How long will it take?

Usually, we schedule once a week for pick-up & drop-offs. Alternatively, you can choose twice a week. Check our schedule and see what fits best for you.

Will I need to get close to the delivery person?

No – in fact, our system is completely contact-free! First, leave your laundry on your home doorstep just before your pickup time. Then please wait indoors to see that it’s picked up. Finally, at drop-off time, we’ll text a few minutes before we arrive, then leave your washed, folded and bagged clothes on your doorstep. Also, we will look for a “wave” from the window from you and won’t leave clothes at an empty house.

Can I pick it up myself?

No – in order to keep everything safe and simple, we will do all the picking up and dropping off.