Because Every Moment Counts.


Busy Doesn’t Have to Be Hectic.

Work. Family. Exercise. Life. Then, good grief, laundry too? Our goal at Brio Laundry is to take the pain out of at least one of your chores, and we do it by providing plenty of clean machines – extra large for fewer loads – and plenty of help if you need it. And with our Brio Wash Card and discounts, you can save money, too!

Leave For Leisure.

You can sit and watch your clothes go round and round (it’s kind of hypnotizing), but why not go do something fun instead? Our state-of-the-art washers load quickly with convenient tap-to-pay features, and we’re in the neighborhood of other great Bellingham businesses, so you can grab a few minutes to yourself.

Stay And Study.

Free wi-fi, comfortable seating, and plenty of clean counter space means you can use laundry-time for study-time. Just bring your own coffee!

You Value Your Time. So Do We.

Wash and dry all of your dirty clothes in less than 60 minutes? Yep, it’s true. Laundry shouldn’t take a whole day, and with us it doesn’t — whether you have one load or ten.

Drop & Dash Gets It Done for You.

Dash out the door and leave your laundry in our care. All you have to do is put your freshly laundered linens and wardrobe back in the drawer. We sort every piece, pretreat and wash them with our premier bio-safe products, and then dry with a plant-based fabric freshener. Delicates are washed separately in a mesh bag with no harsh chemicals — only soap. Folded clothing is wrapped in our recycled paper for easy pickup. Additional finishing for sweaters, shirts, slacks, or dresses is also available. Scent- and dye-free laundering is also available. Ten pound minimum.