Solvent-Free, Truly Non-Toxic Cleaning At Last

Here’s the real gist: dry-cleaning isn’t dry, or clean. Which is why Brio Cleaners uses only pure water, steam, and gentle soaps to clean your delicate clothing. It’s safe for nearly all “dry-clean only” fabrics, and it’s safe for you, your family, and the environment.

Convenience Meets Conservation

Brio Cleaners’ easy drop-off and pick-up system – with generous weekend hours and the ability to pay by phone – means you can access high-quality, eco-friendly wet-cleaning, without sacrificing your precious time.

Clean For The Things You Care About

What goes next to your skin matters. You put thought into your every day washing, so why special occasion clothes? Brio Cleaners will leave your formal wear as soft, clean, crisp and fresh as your favorite t-shirt, without the irritation or odor of harmful chemical solvents.

Wet-Cleaning: The Sustainable & Safe Alternative to Dry-Cleaning

Dry-cleaners, even the ones who call themselves “organic,” use toxic petrol-based solvents to remove dirt and stains from clothing. These chemicals contaminate the air, water and soil for years. And those solvents remain in your clothes.
Wet-cleaning uses water, steam, and biodegradable soaps to clean your fine washable clothing, and leaves them clean, soft, and free of chemical irritants.
Any item that says “Dry-Clean Only” (with the exception of suede and leather) can be cleaned with Brio Cleaner’s state-of-the-art wet-cleaning machines. It’s no more expensive than dry-cleaning, and it’s a lot less costly for the environment and your health.

Make Your Memories —

We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Just like our sister laundry, Brio Cleaners goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service and quality:
  • Convenient drop-off and pick-up services
  • Speedy express payment is a breeze to set up – swipe once and get text alerts when your fresh laundry is ready for pickup
  • We accept debit/credit cards, Apple or Android Pay, or pay online for convenience
  • Delivery Service for business customers
  • Quick turnaround, plus special RUSH services on request
  • Truly clean clothes that smell great, are soft to the touch, and won’t leach chemicals onto your skin or into the water!
  • Gentle, cost-effective cleaning that won’t harm your clothes or the environment